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Worked in a noisy job for over 20 years?

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Have you worked in trucking, construction, manufacturing or
engineering for many years?

Someone who has worked in a noisy job for over 20 years is highly likely to be suffering from industrial hearing loss (industrial deafness).

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My hearing was ruined by being a boilermaker for 25 years. Thanks to Hear My Claim I received a massive payout even though I was told I wouldn’t get anything.

John R. - Boilermaker from Oregon

Hear My Claim persuaded me to pursue a claim for my workplace injury.
As a result of taking this advice I received tens of thousands of dollars in compensation.

Sam K. - Transportation worker from Minnesota

Thank you so much. No one ever told me that I could make a claim.

David H. - Construction worker from California

Thanks to Hear My Claim I can hear for the rest of my life.

Paul A. - Production worker from Adelaide, South Australia

This is exciting I could use hearing aids, they are expensive. I’m happy I have hearing aids for the rest of my life, this is really good news today. I didn’t expect to receive anything, I’m impressed.

Mike J. - Retired Construction Worker from Pennsylvania

Today has been a nice surprise cause I get hearing aids now, that’s a wonderful thing right there for the rest of my life I can be able to hear again, thank you. I appreciate everything. Thank you so much.

Paul R. - Forestry worker from Oregon

Just wanted to thank you for the aids. I walk to our mailbox on the quarter mile driveway which is line on both sides with trees, for the first time in six years of doing this, I heard the birds chirping, singing and fluttering as I walked along, I thought I even heard a worm in the grass, no just kidding about the worm. I know I’m still getting used to them but so far it is pretty amazing.

Kenneth R. - Engineer from NSW, Australia

It sounds great I am very happy, thank you.

Carol S. - Transportation worker from California

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Do I Qualify?

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Entitlements vary by the state where you sustained your injury, the extent of your injury and when you last worked. These entitlements include cash compensation and medical treatment on a no out-of-pocket expense basis. 

We need to find out some details from you, such as where and when you last worked on a noisy job.
We will need to arrange a free hearing test to determine hearing loss specific to a workplace injury.

Certain (high frequency) hearing loss is only caused through specific high-pitch noise exposure. For example, a jack hammer, buzz-saw, welder…

Schedules exist by state jurisdiction to determine the level of compensation based upon the type of injury, the extent of injury and your age.

Most people that Hear My Claim have helped have retired. Therefore you may still be entitled to make a claim, even if you are retired.

Hear My Claim often hears this concern, but yes it is true.
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) recognizes there are 22 million people with industrial deafness and that 2 million are going to receive compensation this year.

We will arrange a free local hearing test to determine whether you may have an industrial deafness injury.

Yes you can. This is because the claim is made on the insurance provider, and not on that particular company.

No. You will never have to pay Hear My Claim for any of the services we provide. Hear My Claim receives fees from professional service groups for finding individuals who have industrial deafness claims.

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