About Us

Why Hear My Claim?

The team at Hear My Claim have been helping hard working individuals with industrial deafness to realize their rightful entitlements over the last 23 years. Since 1994 in Australia and from 2013 in the United States. These services have benefited over ten thousands of individuals with this injury.

Hear My Claim specializes in helping individuals in the following way: helping you determine whether you may have a compensable entitlement; and introducing you to the specialist health and legal service provider network that we have established to evaluate and process your claim.


So, if you have worked in a noisy job for many years and would like to find out what entitlements you may be eligible to receive, our team are available 24 hours through either phone, email, or live chat, to easily help you to make this determination.

Our vision and values

Founded in 1994

Hear My Claim wants to ensure that no individual misses out on their rightful entitlement for an injury sustained when building a better country. We will look after your interests positively, actively and professionally.

More about our process

We aim to make the evaluation process as quick, readily available and easy as possible.
That we will only ever connect you with specialist medical and legal companies who provide their services on a zero out-of- pocket expense basis.


We will treat your inquiry on a highly confidential basis.